It has been a very unusual year, but 2020 has brought many positive changes despite the current situation regarding Covid-19. 

In June 2020 the new Buds of Barnfield Community Garden started with 3 residents, Karen, Shelly and Jane cutting through the wilderness and overgrowth of weeds. We were helped by a few volunteers from around the borough and the generosity of people from the local community supporting with plants, garden tools and equipment. Such wonderful support came from so many people from the wider community.  


I am happy to show you the work we have done so far and hope that you will join in and enjoy the experience of growing your own food, meeting and socialising with other and generally enjoying the great spirit of community 

 What we have done so far...

This space was left unattended for many years. The space that was once the gated area of the Barnfield nursery many years before was taken on as a community garden in 2011 but sadly not maintained.

Now a new beginning, work started on 4th June 2020 and the task ahead was daunting. The entire space was covered with weeds and wild plants, but the determination of a handful of residents (all women) set to make a magnificent change

With some existing skills, some home grown skills and learning more skills along the way the group of residents and community volunteers got together and started creating the community garden. Digging, laying a brick paths, sawing wood and cultivating the land in the hot summer sun. Rewarding, hard work and satisfying.

With special thanks to The Virtual Allotments, Greenwich Mutual Aid, Multiprint Driveways, Ace Scaffolding, Greenwich Park, Dulux, B&Q, Facebook groups & our local communities for donations and support we managed to bring the garden alive with plants and flowers.

An inspiration of beautiful flowers, creative crafting and original art work our community garden became a beautiful space to be in. Being in peace with nature helps relax the mind especially in a year with lots of uncertainty.